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Frustrated that you could not get the domain name you wanted?  Now there are a bunch of new domain name extensions including .expert, .marketing, .agency and many more. If you can get a .com I still highly recommend it, but if not maybe one of the new extensions will work for you.  Here are some of the new domain extensions available now from www.moffdomains.com


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Give customers on-the-go access to your site.


Give job seekers a direct line to your business.


The Official domain of the Czech Republic


Perfect for showing your local presence in Los Angeles!


.UNO says you’re #1.


Plan ahead with .ESTATE.


.PHOTOGRAPHY increases your exposure.


Launch your next project with .VENTURES.


Offer guidance with .GURU.


Open your own virtual .GALLERY.


.CLOTHING never goes out of style.


Join the ride with .BIKE.


Take stock in .HOLDINGS.


Keep your business flowing with .PLUMBING.


Focus your website on .CAMERA.


Find the perfect match with .SINGLES


Spotlight what you do with .LIGHTING.


.EQUIPMENT says you've got the goods.


Attract attention with .GRAPHICS.


Mix up a masterpiece with .KITCHEN.


Lay a solid foundation with .CONSTRUCTION.


.CONTRACTORS get the job done.


.DIRECTORY means online listings.


.TODAY delivers the latest news.


.TECHNOLOGY is for the techie in you.


Stake your claim with .LAND.


They have questions, .TIPS has answers.


Dazzle them with .DIAMONDS.


Find the deal with .DISCOUNT 


Say you mean business with .ENTERPRISES.


.VOYAGE. Let the adventure begin!


Put .CAREERS to work for you.


.RECIPES is where cooks gather online.


Sharpen your image with .PHOTOS.


Find the right fit with .SHOES.


.COMPANY says you're in business.


.CAB will take you places.


The future looks bright for .DOMAINS.


Get them there in style with .LIMO.


Take charge with .MANAGEMENT.


Develop a strong Web presence with .SYSTEMS.


Draw them in with .CENTER.


Power up your business with .COMPUTER.


Offer help with .SUPPORT.


Recruit students with .ACADEMY.


They have problems. You have .SOLUTIONS.


Fix it with .REPAIR.


Build, inspect or sell with .HOUSE.


Build your client base with .BUILDERS.


.CAMP spells adventure.


Hold class anywhere with .EDUCATION.


.GLASS. is the clear choice


Go global with .INTERNATIONAL.


The future looks bright for .SOLAR.


Teach the world with .TRAINING.


.EMAIL delivers.


.INSTITUTE commands respect.


Grow your business with .FLORIST.


The world runs on .COFFEE.


Get organized with .CLUB.


.CODES is your secret to online success.


.FARM says you work the land.


.HOLIDAY says 'Start packing'.


Promote your services with .MARKETING.


Let .AGENCY represent you online.


Sell your savings with .CHEAP.


Get in the .ZONE.


Everyone loves .BARGAINS.


.BOUTIQUE says you’re exclusive.


Make sure your website is always .COOL.


Tune in or time out with .WATCH.


.VIAJES means travel.


You have the answers. Share them with .EXPERT.


.WORKS gets the job done.


Be the go-to source with .REVIEWS.


Make your site move with .DANCE.


.DEMOCRAT says you're true blue.


Score big with .FUTBOL.


Improve the world with .FOUNDATION.


Make waves online with .CRUISES.


Move your .RENTALS on the web.


Find more buyers or renters with .VILLAS.


.EXPOSED is sensational.


Watch your business take off with .FLIGHTS.


Sun and fun await at .VACATIONS.


Say hello with .SOCIAL.


.IMMOBILIEN means real estate in German.


Show off your .NINJA skills.


Tell the world what moves you with .ROCKS.


Start a .BUZZ online.


Make .MAISON your new home online.


Sell or rent with .PROPERTIES.


Sell to Spanish-speaking customers with .TIENDA.


Move more units with .CONDOS.


Sell more tickets with .EVENTS.


Lights, camera, .PRODUCTIONS!


Team up with .PARTNERS.


.DATING. Here's to your happily ever after.


Get your hands on .CARDS.


Build a spotless reputation online with .CLEANING.


Deliver delicious with .CATERING.


Build a .COMMUNITY online.


Sell .PARTS on the web.


Equip them with .SUPPLY.


Keep the world stocked with .SUPPLIES.


.INDUSTRIES says you produce.


Craft a strong web presence with the right .TOOLS.


Share, collaborate and learn with .WIKI.


Find the perfect.XYZ domain name.


Find the perfect .INK domain name.


Going once, going twice, .BID!


Offer details with .REPORT.


Help them see clearly with .VISION.


.MODA says you love fashion.


Tell 'em what's on tap with .PUB.


Build partnerships with .TRADE.


.WEBCAM brings people together.


Reel them in with .FISH.


.ACTOR says you’re perfect for the part.


Sell to Germans online with .KAUFEN.


.CONSULTING says knowledge.


Promote your .SERVICES on the web.


.PL is Poland's domain.


.PL is Poland's domain.


.PL is Poland's domain.


.PL is Poland's domain.


Find the perfect .REST domain name.


Find the perfect .BAR domain name.


.ENGINEERING solves problems.


Let them unload at .GRIPE.


Attract clients with .CAPITAL.


Trade up to .EXCHANGE.


.LEASE your own space on the web.


.PICTURES says it all.


Attract an audience with .MEDIA.


Furnish the web with .FURNITURE


Team up with .ASSOCIATES.


Satisfy their wanderlust with .REISEN.


.UNIVERSITY is the place to learn.


.TOYS is the fun web address.


Be mayor of your own .TOWN.


.HAUS tells Germans "welcome home."


Pump them up with .FITNESS 


.UK - The official country-code for United Kingdom.


.financial says you manage money.


.wtf says “You HAVE to see this!”


Make them laugh with .fail.


.limited says you're exclusive.


Heal the world with .care.


Open your own .clinic on the web.


.SCHULE is here.


Expand your practice with .surgery.


Present a polished image with .dental.


Bring them in with .cash.


Expand your .tax business.


Increase your net worth with .fund.


Tell them you handle .investments.


Bring shoppers in with a .qpon website.

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